BIM Coordination

Don’t leave BIM as an afterthought. Reduce risk and rework in the field.

Field layout via 2D drawings is both time consuming and prone to error. 2D drawings consistently fail in their ability to identify issues with the layout. At best, 2D drawings only find 10% of the issues Collaborative’s 3D models will find, severely affecting your bottom line.

Today, Collaborative works with construction managers, protecting their bottom-line through on-site BIM Coordination among all trades. Our BIM models include thorough architectural data points for HVAC, piping, electrical, fire protection. You also receive on-site coordination to ensure you’re project receives the maximum benefit possible from the BIM model.

  • Earlier problem solving

  • Reduce costly rework

  • Receive on-site collaboration


Accident Fund Insurance Company of America

Lansing Board of Water and Light

Reduce Risk & Rework in the field