Achieve a new level of efficiency and improve your field crew’s productivity.

Before 3D Modeling was available, contractors used 2D shop drawings that required a tremendous amount of coordination in the field with other trades. Crews were forced to wait for direction before they could start installing systems, forcing crews to be redirected to other areas.

Today, 3D modeling takes shop drawings to a new level. The issues that used to hinder productivity, have now been worked out in advance through 3D modeling. Our 3D models provide comprehensive data for all trades including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection. Our advanced 3D modeling team can provide data-rich insights for your team at whatever level of complexity your project requires.

  • More productive crews

  • Less Interruptions to your field staff

  • Glean data from the model to assist with layout services.

  • Receive on-site support and management from your local Collaborative team

The Collaborative team is lead by Art Theusch (CM-BIM). Art Theusch is the President of Collaborative and is a certified Building Information Modeling (BIM) instructor for the Associated General Contractors of America. He has trained hundreds of professionals across the U.S in BIM Technology.


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Don’t leave BIM as an afterthought, accelerate your project today.